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Lessons from Nélida

Nelida Piñon has left. She has also left her mark on us. Ler Mais »

As oportunidades são tudo na vida

Have you ever loved a person you do not know?

I’m pretty sure most of us have, at least a book character, a singer or a movie star. Because of intense familiarity or a sense of identity, we find ourselves passionate about small characteristics of that one being we almost believe we know. Ler Mais »

Hard lessons in economics

It is a free country and it is a free market. So why is it that suddenly things got so uncomfortable for some Brazilian businesses in Framingham? Ler Mais »

Images and inaccuracies

In our modern world of a zillion images, it is easy to take for granted what we see on TV and movie screens. Ler Mais »

A connection of 43 years

They didn’t have the Internet, but old time letters did it.

Writing each other consistently, Delza de Assis Viana, Brazilian, and Jean-Claude Valognes, French, have built a friendship that has spanned more than four decades. Ler Mais »

O pão nosso de cada dia

Here is a big secret about me. I’m a bread baker. Ler Mais »

Desafio imigrante em filme: “A Fronteira”

 It’s coming soon to a theater near you.

And if I can convince you like I have been convinced, it’s a movie we all need to see to better understand our surroundings. I can hardly wait. Ler Mais »

A lesson on humility and a dream

Last week it happened again.

Another fancy customer at the dry cleaners where she works doing alterations brought in some pants to be hemmed. Ler Mais »

A baby gift from God

Sandro Comarella and I may have never talked. But suddenly a lot of goodness has come his way. News seems to travel fast and I couldn’t believe what I heard, so, here I am as the official storyteller for this great tale. Ler Mais »

Sharing with children the gifts of real foods

For most of the people in my world, I am going against the culture, tradition and knowledge of so many generations. Ler Mais »

Fitas de vídeo levam brasileiros para perto de casa

As emoções foram intensas para o brasileiro Fabio Cristino na semana passada.

“O cara não via a filha há 15 anos”, disse Cristino, sobre a novela que ele assistira na noite anterior. Ler Mais »

Disney teachings

When I headed to Disney World with my family earlier this week, I hoped for things to go well, meaning peace among the crowds, good weather and safe flights. Other than that, I feared for the splurge of American vacations. Ler Mais »

“Put yourself in others’ shoes,” Obama said

It makes for a good story when the celebrity everyone wants to hear talks of how difficult things were in the beginning. It wasn’t different with Obama. Ler Mais »

The gentle touch of Brazilian housecleaners

Got a clean house?

Chances are those nicely dusted surfaces have the touch of a Brazilian. Ler Mais »

The children play, like yours and mine

I listened attentively as Mr. Lilo Mancia started to talk.

“It’s been one month since Immigration took my wife,” he said. “Every day is painful for the children to be without their mother. My younger son is a citizen, the other came here as a baby. We came here for a better life for our family.” Ler Mais »